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Pay Per Click Marketing

Lot of people are not sure how do paid marketing works online. With PPC , advertisers don’t just make an online presence but reach the audience when they want. It is one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing. Among marketers and companies this remains as an extraordinary channel.

PPC advertising has three major players. We have Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most of the world uses Google Ads as Google is indeed the top search network. In PPC, You pay only for the activity occur on your ad i.e; any click on the ad which will take to your website and increases traffic to it, which is why this is called as PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing. This concept is applicable in all advertising platforms.

A Google Ad can give more than expected results for a business in terms of branding or lead generations or video promotions. Google Ads are widely available in Google platforms like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google partner websites. The ad can be in any form depends on your goal towards the business from normal text ad to image ads to video ads. Email marketing has another responsibility to increase the online presence. Email marketing in a way represents the traditional marketing strategy which never fades away even it is online.

A part from search engines, paid advertising has found a strong scope in social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on has a huge impact in today’s world as most of the world browse the social media. It is important that advertisers promote their businesses here mostly for the branding purpose. This will also increase public relations which will lead to the actual promotion of the product.

We, Purple Panda Web is here to introduce PPC which drives valuable and measurable traffic without wasting valuable advertising spend. With a proper market research and competitor analysis we have already proven how skilled and smart our PPC team works towards our client’s goals. Our unique style of campaign designing and creative style of writing on the ad defines us as the best digital marketing company among our fraternities.

PPW is transparent when it comes to the performance of our client’s campaigns, and management of the ads. We often generate and send regular reports of daily, weekly and monthly bases for the client to analyse the performance and growth of the campaigns. This is just not another digital marketing company where we generate reports and send, we also share our inputs to the clients before performing any activity online with their ad, through this even client will beneficial about the marketing strategies and happenings in their campaign. We purey believe in the logic of generating the ideas , making the strategy plan and implement accordingly.

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