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Email Marketing
Emails are a part of our daily routine. Every business wants to market their business in such a way that they are able to communicate with the target audience. We get lots of mails everyday which includes promotional mails in them. This is another face of marketing where a particular business wants to target those set of audience who are active on emails and who have an affinity to their product.

Email marketing is still alive and there are people all around who are branding and generating more than expected leads. This is one of the best ways to grow your digital empire by investing in email marketing. Email marketing is misunderstood by many in today’s world as just sending 250 – 500 email sa day to a set of people or may be paying for email database and send mails to everyone in the database.

Purple Pada Web proves the actual way of email marketing and how beneficial one can be through email marketing. We, at PPW, believes that email marketing is about mailing to those affinity segment audience through permission marketing about our client’s products and services. PPW believes to be present everywhere possible online will lead to effective success of an organization. Our client’s insights are totally considered for every email and we market them in smarter way possible. From permission marketing to creating an effective and creative content in the email with a great subject line, Purple Panda is known as “Pro” in this industry.

Main keys of Email Marketing experts at PPW:

 ✓ Create an effective database

 ✓ Permission marketing

 ✓ Create an amazing subject line

 ✓ A creative content in the body

 ✓ Campaign creation and management

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