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Horror story in 6 words!

Horror story in 6 words!

Twitterati roared with creativity ever since famous comic and animation writer @gailsimone challenged the social media to write a super short yet scary story in just SIX words. This challenge went viral in minutes and everyone started adding dark humor into it and made it relatable.
Many brands converted this interesting challenge into an opportunity. Creativity and relatability took this challenge to the next level.

We found some interesting marketing strategies of a few brands and creative #SixWordHorrorStories. Let’s dig in!


Some real horror and terrific facts were told by UNESCO


A renowned water and air purifier brand talks about the water crisis and also smartly marketed their brand.

CEAT types:

CEAT spread a sensible and very corporate responsible message using this topical trend.


How can we miss our daily savior, Paytm? Paytm Travel was too accurate in this story.

JCS jewelers

Gold is something we love and women have some special relationship with it. Now, what can be more horrific than losing it?


It is indeed a horror story when you don’t have a product you need and PONDS have used the most of it. Much like their creams, their #sixwordhorrorstory is cute!

Kaya Clinic

A skin and hair care clinic came up with this horrible truth and relatable check before a vacation.

Kwality foods

Our very own Kwality foods wrote a horror story which no one can deny

The Blue Oven

Blue Oven, this is a nightmare

Did you know what Google India and YouTube said?

Ixigo Travel planner just blasted some #thoughts

Purple Panda Web also have participated in this super fun yet horrific challenge! Can you imagine this challenge without Twitter? Imagine you get to eat cardamom in some delicious biryani and what’s even weekends when alcohol is banned?
We have picked the best and smartly marketed brand’s stories.

Did we miss on any other brand’s #sixwordhorrorstory? If you know more or you want us to add more, mail us to info@purplepandaweb or mention them in the comments.


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A like-free Instagram : Instagram is soon hiding the likes

A like-free Instagram : Instagram is soon hiding the likes

To all the Instagram-holics, soon you are going to experience a like-free platform. Instagram has totally hidden likes from selected users in Canada. This is going to be a major change of the platform in order to build a stress-free environment.

This article explains how does the platform work without likes? How does the new change look like? And why did they do this?

How does this work?
With a particular set of people in Canada, Instagram is officially testing the like hide update. Here is how it looks
Mark Zuckerberg, explaining about the feature said “As you scroll through your feed, there are no like counts. You can see who liked a photo or video, you can tap through to see [the list], and if you have the time you can add them all up yourself.”

You can still see how many likes you got for your own posts. That will not be shown on your post by viewing directly, but when you click on others, you will find the list of people who liked starting with highlighting the number of likes.

You can not hide your likes now as the test period is still being targeted to the selected users in Canada. If you are in the test group you get to see the notification on the top of your news feed. You similarly can’t get in to test group as Instagram did not mention how big is the test.
It is still not known how big is the test but a resident from Canada said he took an unofficial poll on Instagram about likes hide in the platform, nearly 70% of the people voted yes to the poll.

This clearly explains how big is the test and this is definitely going to change today’s idea of Instagram. This concept is purely to explain users to generate more authentic content and stay as real as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg said “ We want people to be less interested in how many likes a post gets, and focus more on connecting with other people.”

Adam mosseri, head of Instagram says ” We want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they’re getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that they care about.”

Let’s get in to the real question. What is the impact of this?
Instagram has become more of a competition today than sharing creativity. This might develop a real change in a positive way to the platform. This update will make more space for content and creation than competition.

Most of the brands, influencers and individuals post online everyday only for engagement and likes. Once the fact that your likes are not going to show, you automatically concentrate on the content.

Much like the stories on Instagram, where most of the content is highlighted and gets maximum attention but without displaying the number of views, the same way this effect is going to be produced by the posts.

This also helps in to improve users mental health as the “pressure” to post and validate yourselves with number of likes will not be in mind. The only thing that matters is the quality of content.

On the other hand, the brands who are looking for influencers don’t consider them by number of likes but by the authenticity of the content.

Another most important problem today online is buying likes and followers to show case their engagement to brands. But the genuine creators and content generators have less previlege in such spaces. Now that the brands will approach without validating the likes, there is a serious win for the creativity and genuine content here.

Where as some brands claim that whoever is doing the marketing, should have certain reach or engagement generating in his / her feed . They can’t validate their product / brand’s reach based on hidden analytics.

But hey, not to worry, this is still the test period and the likes aren’t going away. It might be months before we know how is it performing. And the update will answer all the questions everyone have.

What are your thoughts on this update? Write it below and let us know. To generate more engagement and traffic for your brand’s Instagram reach us by mentioning your query and gmail id below.

Hope this article helps! See you next time with another interesting update!

Written by Lakshmi


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The Google Advertiser Community has moved to a new platform

The Google Advertiser Community has moved to a new platform

Did you hear the big news?

Google Advertiser community meaning Google Ads, Google My business and Google Analytics are completely moving into a new platform from July 2019. Though the community moved to its own platform in April 2019, it’s going to deprecate by July completely!

Being a digital marketer and getting used to different tools and platforms can be little hectic in the last moment. This takes a lot of shifting and planning but most importantly, getting used to the new platform may be quite effortful. Isn’t it?

We are here to help you with what’s happening and what needs to be done. Let’s begin!

Where is the Google Advertiser community moving to?

The current Google’s advertising platform is known as Lithium and it is going to be deprecated completely by July 2019.

The advertiser community is moving to its own help center. For example https://support.google.com/google-ads/community?hl=tr
That’s the Google Ads forum for the Turkish language that’s already live.

The help center includes a community tab which will conduct the new community forum. Google Partners who are a part of Google Ads forums for English, Turkish, Portuguese (pt-BR) and Japanese are an exception.
The new forums are visible in the community tab of the product’s help center. You can also visit the community tabs here


After the migration occurs, the content in the current community forum will remain visible but users will not be able to create new posts and replies.

Any further conversations will take place in the new community. Not to worry as Google is migrating as much content as possible to the new platform and that will be available from day 1.


What needs to be done from our side?

Download your personal information or content before closing your account in Lithium. If you are interested in export from Lithium, you need to hurry as the procedure will be available till July before the Lithium ends.

How do we export our content from Lithium to a new platform?

1) Click on your email address in the left navigation bar and then select “My settings” from the drop-down list.

2) Inside the Personal tab, select “Personal Information.”

3) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the links to download your personal data and community content.

You can also close your Lithium account, however, this process can’t be reversed once it is submitted and this will delete only your Lithium activity. How’s that?

1) Click on your email address in the left navigation bar and then select “My settings” from the drop-down list.
2) Within the Personal tab, select “Close Account.”
3) Click the “Close Account.”

Google always has come up with constant changes and every change made us grow! They are in for everything and always strive to upgrade every corner of their products. Let us hope for a better change and also let us know how excited are you to use the new platform!

Written by Lakshmi


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9 ways of earning money through YouTube

9 ways of earning money through YouTube

What comes to your mind when you think about any video? YouTube?  Certainly yes.

YouTube is the largest platform in current date (2019) for vlogging or video blogging. YouTube has all kinds of videos in its own world and it is absolutely free to sign up and showcase your videos and blogs. It is apparently that one platform everyone loves.

If you are a YouTuber or you want to be a YouTuber and aspiring to earn money out of Vlogging, you need to understand the basics first and make sure you follow the guidelines of the platform.

But first, let us dig in the stats which will take you through how this platform is going to change your life.

  1. 500 million hours of videos are being watch on YouTube across the planet, everyday.
  2. 87% of online marketers use video platforms like YouTube.
  3. 82% of Twitter users tend to watch video content on social media.

Point 2, is suggested to read twice to understand what a video can do these days. Except that 13% crowd, everyone are making money out of the platform. If you are in that 13% range, well, don’t be anxious, we’ll get you there very soon. This article helps you on how to earn money out of YouTube

Select Your Niche and

First things first, you need to decide your niche on which you want to Vlog about. Be it food or sports or lifestyle or comedy or anything of a niche should be selected. You have to select that niche where your passion drags you to.

Your niche helps you to make a community of your own and as growing by, similar niche brands who would like to collaborate with you.

For example, if you upload a video on fashion today, upload another about computer, your audience will fall under confusion and will be not interested to watch your Vlogs as they talk about every topic. Instead to create your audience, take one slot and start making videos on them.  Slowly you will start gaining your community who shares same interest of yours.

Patience is the key:

It is not easy as it is written to grow your community. It doesn’t when you upload one video and sit waiting for views or money to arrive. It is all about the consistency. You need to be constant in your content uploads and also make sure your content is watch worthy, because no one would like to watch boring content especially when we have some amazing competition out there.

Analyse your capacity and upload a number (say 3) videos a week and maintain this for a time being.Also uploading some interesting and capturing thumbnails to the video drives lot of traffic and this gives many views and likes to the video. It will grow patiently, strongly and forms a fan base in no time. This increases your subscribers which is your answer for this evergreen question “How to earn money through YouTube?”  check out the next point to understand it better.


YouTube Partnership Program (YouTube Adsense)

This is the basic way of earning money through Vlogging. And this is a sure way many of the YouTubers earn money from. Adsense makes users see the contextual ads on your videos , when a user clicks on them, you get paid.

Also do you remember the video ads we get to see in videos? You can also get paid by them. You will be paid for 1000 impressions. Best way to earn more money is to increase the views on your videos. As mentioned in the above point, all you need to do is the effort to make it big by being consistent.

Both of these methods are actively used by many of the YouTubers. However, there are some criteria you need to be passing if you want to earn from your content. YouTube tests your seriousness before they take you seriously. The eligibilities for monetizing Adsense in your channel are

⇅ YouTube Adsense should be available in your country
⇅ Make sure you have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel.
⇅ You need to have more than 4000 watch hours till date
⇅ You need to be creating content which resonates YouTube partner program policies
⇅ Make sure you linked to an approved adsense account

 If you are eligible with the criteria, create your adsense account by following the steps here.


This is one of the classic ways of earning money through YouTuber. Popular YouTubers or celebrities has been merchandising in here.

It is understood that YouTube is a money making platform and hence it gives opportunities for YouTubers to earn money from their subscribers. Create your own brand by creating your own merchandise and can sell it to your fanbase. A merchandise can be anything like Tshirts, caps, notebooks, stickers and anything of such sort.

You can check eligibility sites for merchandise here.

YouTube Super chat:

So this again mostly works out for the popular YouTubers, the YouTube celebrities who has a strong fanbase. It works when you have a live chat on. On the live feed, if a person wants their comment to be stand out from everyone and keep it repeating, he needs to pay for it. And whatever he pays, it will directly go into your account. It’s simple, isn’t it? No, in order to do this we need to first have a strong audience base. So this again takes us to the first point.

Eligibilities for Super chat is,


  • Make sure you are in available locations
  • Make sure your channel is monetized
  • You need to have 1000 subscribers,
  • You are above 18

Channel Membership:

This was initially named as sponsorship and later changed into channel membership. This needs solid following for your content and channel. To enable this feature you need to have a strong audience too, I must say rather a strong fan base.

So this is nothing but a content creator, who is you, will be collecting subscription fee from your biggest fans. In simple words, your fans or the people who admire you will be paying to have subscribed to your channel and enjoy all of its benefits in return which includes exclusive content and badges etc.

Eligibilities for this one will is quite interesting:

  • Make sure it is available in your location.
  • You need to have at least 30,000 subscribers in your pocket
  • You are over 18 years old
  • Your channel is in the YouTube partner program (Adsense)
  • Make sure you have zero strikes (copyright strike, community guidelines strike, any strike is accepted only thrice. After that you will be terminated.)


Crowdfunding basically means people get together and pay small amounts of money inorder to get a product required for a person. In this case a content creator would be raising funds for his content on few crowdfunding sites.

Most of the beginner YouTubers do this activity and earn their monthly quota by this way. This is also done by those YouTubers who haven’t reached to a certain subscriber base or still haven’t been eligible for the monetization process of YouTube only.

These are few crowdfunding websites which YouTube supports where you can crowd raise money from.

Sponsored Videos:

This is again one of the basic. It has a hint of affiliate marketing too. Here, the content creator will take money from a brand and promote it in their way on YouTube. In many videos we watch when the creator names any brand, be it funny or creative or story telling or just an unboxing video will be coming under this category. In this way a YouTuber will not only get money, but also have the perks of experiencing the brands.

This requires marketing skills in a YouTuber. Every entrepreneur should be a good marketer as they aspire to develop their own brand bigger. A few generic suggestions to approach this way of earning money


  • ☑ Make sure you align to a niche
  • ☑ Start with small brands or local brands
  • ☑ So before you go to bigger brands, you make sure your creativity becomes strong and this gives a lot of experience to challenge your creativity as well.
  • ☑ Keep doing sponsored videos for small brands consistently and creatively patiently and them aim for bigger brands. If your content is watch worthy, bigger brands notice and they come to you with a collaboration proposal.
  • ☑ Believe in your content and work you selected to do and also remember, good things take long time to happen. So be patient.

One of the top platforms who helps in getting you a sponsored video is Famebit. Famebit is now acquired by Google. It is a YouTube company and they connect content creators to brands. It’s absolutely free to sign up for both creators and brands. When a creator gets money from the brands, 10%of it will be commissioned to Famebit. Another fact, you need to have minimum 5000 followers to join famebit.

It is so fascinating to know about these interesting platforms who offer work and encourages every creator online. There are many such helping platforms where people are not much aware of like Grapevine,Izea etc. I’m sure not many know about it. But they are pretty useful.

Affiliate marketing:

Most of the YouTubers earn through Affiliate marketing as well. They buy few products online and they mention them in their video and also in the description. And if someone bought that product from the link mentioned in description, the online brand will pay you commission, which is pretty awesome.

Most of the YouTubers usually do Amazon Affiliate marketing as amazon pays well for the affiliates. Click here to be an affiliate of amazon.

Also one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website is through YouTube. Mention your website link in the description and also in the video so people are aware of your website and eventually you increase your reach.

YouTube Premium:

This is a mini Netflix of its own. People have to pay a certain amount to watch the video for ad free, premium and unique content.  If your content have capability to bring audience even to paid videos, this will be the staircase for you to earn crazy. Because all the fabulous content that is in YouTube is available for free. So make sure your content becomes the big guy which attract the viewers.  

Apart from these ways there are endless more ways to earn online and that will be left to your creativity and intelligence but the mentioned ways are the most successful and practiced by successful YouTubers themselves.

Now it’s time for you, who is reading this to make some noise and inspire more other aspiring YouTubers out there.!





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Local intent for the win!

Local intent for the win!

So Google came up and informed about the local intent  that took over almost half percentage of Google’s searches.

Recently Google, in collaboration with IpsosMediaCT and Purchased conducted a research to understand how the consumers behaviour is in local searching. IpsosMediaCT had a record of researching more than 4500 respondents and more than 653 smartphones.

This sums up to something very interesting , 46% of the searches have a local intent. In simple words, people who are searching in Google for any product or any service are searching with an intention to buy with a percent of 46.

The research has a deep and clear understanding about how the local search marketing is working and also comes up with an interesting analysis of how the radius bidding is helping in grow the local businesses.

Here’s the thing, every four in five Google users use Google to search the local info.  And almost 55% of the customers visited local stores they have searched for and eventually got converted.  Also the users who are local searching with an intent to buy were converted within a days time. The large junk of searches happened through smart phones which is 88%. This proves how important is it to have info digitally in order to help ourselves in local searching. Local searching is helping not only the local residents, but it is also helping the passers or the travellers to enhance some local market products and even the conversion rate on this is not bad at all.

Research also went through the user point of view where they seemed like wanting the ads targeted to Zip code and city. Also more than sixty  percent of users ought to have local information much available in the ads like contact numbers and addresses. This really helped local search research to improve the quality of local ads as they are almost 50% of the searches happening in Google today with an intent.

Apparently it is understood this research is done in order to increase the pled in using Google Adwords in local searching so it helps the local searchers a quick solution or gives multiple quality options. It is also useful to the business vendors to invest in for a better business tomorrow. There’s something called as radius bidding which basically is a bidding setting model appears in local search ads. This will help business to target a consumer with a particular radius to create an attribution model for such conversions.

This radius targeting is somewhere inspired by the research analysis where it told, most of the consumers / users who use smartphones are searching for business which is usually 5+ miles far away from their search place. Isn’t it quite surprising?

Also if we dig in more, it tells us that the people who are searching for miles far businesses from their search location are those who are in researching and exploring state of their journey to buy a quality product they desire for. And also most of them were converted to those shops (same searches they made). 

 Also the devices they are using in their different stages from research to purchase if relatively the same with almost every user. In the initial searching stage, most of the users search through monitors and tablets. When you are almost ready and have an intent to convert, then it is smartphones. Do you also do the same?

 Five miles gives an interesting figure to target for those who search for a business would certainly cover. The research proves that the consumers are happy with the customized location advertising which made their work easy. Hope the local advertisers get their strong and impactful place in the digital place as the research says.




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Three in One!

Three in One!

We always want to connect with our people and so we brought iMessage, Skype, Google hangouts, Whatsapp and everything for that matter. These applications have changed the experience of communication and the concept of messaging.  But we always want something better than currently existing. Why? For a better experience, for the better communication. The latest news which was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, might sound little sour for many folks but also it is going to start a new era all together in the idea of communicating.

Facebook is working to allow cross-messaging between Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, according to a report in The New York Times on 25th Jan, 2018.

“We want to build the best messaging experiences we can; and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks. As you would expect, there is a lot of discussion and debate as we begin the long process of figuring out all the details of how this will work.”

It works this way, each messenger application works as it is but considering the recent news, facebook is rebuilding some internal infrastructures so that people who is using facebook app only could communicate others who are present in whatsapp or instagram within its ecosystem. As it is known that facebook bought Whatsapp in the year 2014 for 19M$. It makes users easy to communicate with each other and gives a new experience all together.

Don’t you think merging three applications within an ecosystem is lack of privacy! Because it’s not. All of the apps will support end-to-end encryption as well. Facebook has yet to provide a timeline for when this will happen. Facebook has to still give a timeline of when its rebuilding affair is going to complete and when are we going to start a new messaging system.  

What is the use of doing this?

This allows users to be more engaged with the platforms or the applications and so the facebook strongly hopes. This will soon become           

  a primary messaging service.

This also increases the space for advertisers who are currently advertising in social media. This will bring revenue to the platforms. It seems that the growth of advertising market has been reduced a little because advertisers assume that users of the applications are not engaged enough. With this collaboration, hopefully we get bumped into more engageable advertising.

Facebook has the most users of any other social media platform, and by combining its assets this way, the company could more directly compete with Apple’s iMessage and Google’s messaging services.




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