Three hacks to open the doors of success for startups_

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India is developing by encouraging innovative ideas of some incredible minds through startups. But do you think they are successful with their ideas? Though they have some intelligent stuff hidden, the failure rate of a startup in our country is elevated all the time. If we evaluate the process of failure, it is evident that most of the ideas remains within a box and they are not able to reach their target audience i.e; their possible clients.

Why is this happening?

 As it is very obvious to declare that the market to grab your audience and possible leads is the digital space right now in the world. You may have a wonderful idea to make money on, but what if people, who are mostly living in the digital world doesn’t know about your business. Apparently you lose few possible clients and also that point becomes the possible step of failure to the great idea an entrepreneur had to promote.

 Traditional marketing helps but as mentioned, the real world is in the digital space. And they have completely different strategies inspired from the traditional marketing strategies (offline marketing) with a fusion of algorithms. Let us dig into those few marketing strategies every startup needs right now in the market.

Now, when someone says you need to have a digital space or you need to be present online, doesn’t mean you need to be just present or just having a place in every platform. Digital marketing is an experience and it is beyond existence in the current world. It has done wonders so far evidently yet it is debatable with the strategy you are using.

Well, what are the basic yet important digital marketing ideas which are applicable for any newly established business?

Strategy 1.

The SEO.

So having a website gives you just a presence online but to design it interestingly and as engaging as possible changes the game. Including some attractive graphic designs and videos, which tells four times better than words, gives the presence which is stronger than just existing or being present online.

But that doesn’t reach you to your leads or gives you business in simple terms. Now comes the significant step of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO). As the name suggests, it optimizes the website in the search engine to reach number of possible clients who types related keywords of the business in the search engine. The strategies used to top your website in search results are amazing and they come with time and consistency. Apart from this content we write in the website really helps a lot in SEO and PPC.

Strategy 2.


Imagine you don’t have much time and your investors are looking forward for the returns as most of the startups are fussed these days. Then comes in the paid marketing strategy which is also known as pay per click model (PPC). It is as simple as being on top over night but at a cost. Again as the name suggests, it is pay per click. You pay per one click where your website going to be shown on the top search results. This can save lot of time and as you are eventually consistent enough with SEO, this will take you to places.

Strategy 3.

Social Media:

It is true that the true world is in the digital space but where is the maximum crowd making ordinaries into brands?

The social media platforms, yes! Again, social media presence is just existing in the competitive world. It has to add some life and catchy presence too. Be it Facebook or Instagram or Twitter,  most of the fill is in the social media for entertainment, news and also business. A quality and genuine business is what everyone aspires for and social media is the best platform where you can actually interact with your possible leads and get their feedback. The interesting part here is the reviews and ratings. Social media is more trustable with the reviews and positive reviews can make the company go viral and brand. Again, it comes with consistency and sharing ideas constantly. Generating content which can resonate with everyone is all the strategy is!

From the three important hacks for marketing startups digitally, it is a commonly understood that now this requires involvement, don’t you think so? Also lack of involvement opens another door for failure rate of some innovative ideas in startups.

Here comes Purple Panda Web who helps your startup to become a brand. To develop a normal website to a brand needs lot of consistency and some creative tactics to distribute the budget without overspending. PPW has ideas from budget spending to smart online marketing techniques which will take half of your burden of being active online. And this creates the first step towards success of today’s new heads in the market.

Join your hands with PPW because the digital world is yours to make some sensible branding with some rapidly working strategies followed by equally quality outcome or shall I say business? .




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