Local intent for the win!

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So Google came up and informed about the local intent  that took over almost half percentage of Google’s searches.

Recently Google, in collaboration with IpsosMediaCT and Purchased conducted a research to understand how the consumers behaviour is in local searching. IpsosMediaCT had a record of researching more than 4500 respondents and more than 653 smartphones.

This sums up to something very interesting , 46% of the searches have a local intent. In simple words, people who are searching in Google for any product or any service are searching with an intention to buy with a percent of 46.

The research has a deep and clear understanding about how the local search marketing is working and also comes up with an interesting analysis of how the radius bidding is helping in grow the local businesses.

Here’s the thing, every four in five Google users use Google to search the local info.  And almost 55% of the customers visited local stores they have searched for and eventually got converted.  Also the users who are local searching with an intent to buy were converted within a days time. The large junk of searches happened through smart phones which is 88%. This proves how important is it to have info digitally in order to help ourselves in local searching. Local searching is helping not only the local residents, but it is also helping the passers or the travellers to enhance some local market products and even the conversion rate on this is not bad at all.

Research also went through the user point of view where they seemed like wanting the ads targeted to Zip code and city. Also more than sixty  percent of users ought to have local information much available in the ads like contact numbers and addresses. This really helped local search research to improve the quality of local ads as they are almost 50% of the searches happening in Google today with an intent.

Apparently it is understood this research is done in order to increase the pled in using Google Adwords in local searching so it helps the local searchers a quick solution or gives multiple quality options. It is also useful to the business vendors to invest in for a better business tomorrow. There’s something called as radius bidding which basically is a bidding setting model appears in local search ads. This will help business to target a consumer with a particular radius to create an attribution model for such conversions.

This radius targeting is somewhere inspired by the research analysis where it told, most of the consumers / users who use smartphones are searching for business which is usually 5+ miles far away from their search place. Isn’t it quite surprising?

Also if we dig in more, it tells us that the people who are searching for miles far businesses from their search location are those who are in researching and exploring state of their journey to buy a quality product they desire for. And also most of them were converted to those shops (same searches they made). 

 Also the devices they are using in their different stages from research to purchase if relatively the same with almost every user. In the initial searching stage, most of the users search through monitors and tablets. When you are almost ready and have an intent to convert, then it is smartphones. Do you also do the same?

 Five miles gives an interesting figure to target for those who search for a business would certainly cover. The research proves that the consumers are happy with the customized location advertising which made their work easy. Hope the local advertisers get their strong and impactful place in the digital place as the research says.




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