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It’s very difficult to succeed at Content Marketing without wiring new blog post on regular basis. Every blogs which are having high traffic and top ranking are build on solid foundation of content. According to top marketers & hubspot, People who are consistent with blogging are 10 times more likely to get positive ROI.

Writing blogs and promoting is an inbound marketing strategy that really works. Recent research and statistics reveal that marketers who blog regularly will acquire 120% more leads than those who do not. You can generate qualified leads through blogging.

Creating blogs & posting on regular basis is the not probably hardest job, but to rank well in google and drive leads to your business, you need a system that you can implement on daily basis that will help you reach your target audience and build you google ranking.

I am listing down, Step by Step process that i personally use for my blog or client’s work.

1. Understand the Anatomy of top blog posts

I always make sure to identify what my readers or target audience want to read. I always try to produce quality content, point to point information what my readers want to hear. It is my first priority.

Headline – Don’t be boring! It is probably the very 1st thing people will see. It should be unique or interesting to gain reader’s attention. Headline should be interesting enough to make people want to read rest of the content.

Eye Catchy Picture – Always better to use a picture which defines the subject of the blog post. Always Check the copyrights of the picture

Introduction – After headline & eye catchy picture, Introduction is another chance to hook your readers. You need to explain people with a punchy intro that,  why they need to read.

Main Points /Bullet Points – Right after the introduction you can directly jump to the main topic or important points of the blog. Always use a list style, example – main points are …and you can list down the bullet points. Use headlines over paragraphs. Write main points for

Your readers not for search engine.

Conclusion / Closing Para – When you are writing conclusion, no need to again cover all the points which you have covered in the blog. Come to the point with a genuine conclusion for your readers. Closing paragraph does wrap up your blog post and does not leaving reader hanging.

2. On-Page Blog SEO Process

According to research. 65% to 80% of users ignore paid search and follow organic results. On-page optimization can powerfully improve your search result performance.

Keyword Research – Keyword research tells you want your potential customer is searching for what is their intention.  While doing keyword research you should see things from users perspective.

Let’s say, you write a blog about “Digital Marketing Company”. Go to adwords keyword planner and plug the main keyword.

Now you got your keywords to target, Include these keywords in your blog post headline.

1. How to choose Perfect Digital Marketing Agency – Five Simple Steps That Work

  1. Top 30 Online Marketing Company List  you need to know
  2. Are you looking for Digital Marketing Services for your new Startup ?

    One you include this keyword in you headline, then the very next step is to optimize your blog post content with it. Also use the keyword in meta title or tag to help search engine better categorize your post based on consumer search phrases.

    While doing on-page optimization, You need to pay attention to below mentioned elements

    1. Title Tag
  3. Meta Tag
  4. Image Alt Tag
  5. Content of the page
  6. URL Structure

Also, you should make sure that, Keyword does not disrupt the user or appear unnatural in any way.

Conclusion –  You must be working hard to improve search results, But not getting result. You should give it a try. Content marketing is not just Content, start working smarter with your website.  




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