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Website Design & Development

Increase your reach to tablet and mobile audiences

250 Million Websites on the Web, SEO Makes You Stand Out


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A Digital India

1st July marks four years of Digital India. On this day PM Narendra Modi has launched #DigitalIndia with a vision of digital infrastructure with a core utility to every citizen. We, India becomes the world's largest digitally connected postal network giving identity...

Twitter Storm woke the creativity from the brands up and above!

Twitter has been roaring with entertaining horror stories ever since famous comic and animation writer @gailsimone challenged the social media to write a super short yet scary story in just SIX words. This challenge went viral in minutes and everyone started adding...

Google Ads

Google Ads Community is moving to a new platform which is Google's help center platform. The old platform, Lithium is going to be completely deprecated by July 2019.

Can you imagine like-free Instagram?

Instagram is officially testing on hiding like counts on selected users in Canada. This is being tested to reduce the "internet pressure" on users and drive towards authentic content.

Political Parties spent over 53 crores on online campaigning this elections!

Facebook: 27.42 cr spent on 1.2 Lakh political  & issues of importance ads Google: 27.3 cr since feb, 2019....

Free SEO Analysis

Are you looking for a Superb web presence in your Local niche market?
Do you need authority content that grabs visitors to your website?
Are you looking for massive website traffic?
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Free Competitor Analysis

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Website Designing & Development Service

Creative Web Design Services for better Customer experience.A perfect website is the very first step towards setting up your business online

Online Reputation Management service

Companies with high ratings & review gets more business, earn better employees. People trust a brand or business with a good reputation.

Email Marketing

No Print Costs, No Postage Fees, No Advertising Rates.
Drive traffic to your website
grow your business brand
Create – Track – Send

SMM Service

Engage with your target audience
Improve your brand loyalty & authority,
Gain Marketplace Insights.

Creative Designing

First impression is the last impression – An unique designed Logo, Brochure or webpages can make your business stand out of Competition.

PPC / Search Engine Marketing

Looking for a trusted Google certified advertising service provider? If Yes, then
PPW is the right name to get ppc services.


PPW SEO strategy is a process of organizing or optimizing content of your website by topic, which helps search engines to understand a user’s intention while searching. We will help your website rank on top for short & long tail keywords related to topics.


Our solid Local SEO tactics for your business rank higher for local search terms. We help you getting found in crowded local market. We create localized content for your web-pages & pay more attention to on-page SEO techniques, localizing them where it makes sense.  
Our Remarketing Strategy help your business, successfully meet your project planning goals & deadline. What are you waiting for ? Stop wasting your time and concentrate on a affordable and more prosperous alternative.

Blog Posts that rank in Google’s top pages

It’s very difficult to succeed at Content Marketing without wiring new blog post on regular basis. Every blogs which are having high traffic and top ranking are build on solid foundation of content. According to top marketers & hubspot, People who are consistent with blogging are 10 times more likely to get positive ROI

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of increasing Brand awareness through high quality, informative, and audience engaging content. Right information needs to be passed to the right customers at the right time. Effective content marketing helps companies to explain their products & services to users in a manner that would

Horror story in 6 words!

Twitterati roared with creativity ever since famous comic and animation writer @gailsimone challenged the social media to write a super short yet scary story in just SIX words. This challenge went viral in minutes and everyone started adding dark humor into it and...

A like-free Instagram : Instagram is soon hiding the likes

To all the Instagram-holics, soon you are going to experience a like-free platform. Instagram has totally hidden likes from selected users in Canada. This is going to be a major change of the platform in order to build a stress-free environment. This article explains...

The Google Advertiser Community has moved to a new platform

Google Advertiser community meaning Google Ads, Google My business and Google Analytics are completely moving into a new platform from July 2019. Though the community moved to its own platform in April 2019, it's going to deprecate by July completely! Being a digital...

9 ways of earning money through YouTube

What comes to your mind when you think about any video? YouTube?  Certainly yes. YouTube is the largest platform in current date (2019) for vlogging or video blogging. YouTube has all kinds of videos in its own world and it is absolutely free to sign up and showcase...

Local intent for the win!

So Google came up and informed about the local intent  that took over almost half percentage of Google’s searches. Recently Google, in collaboration with IpsosMediaCT and Purchased conducted a research to understand how the consumers behaviour is in local searching....

Pragnyananda Panda (Founder)

A very warm welcome to you.

I am Pragnyananda Panda, CEO & Founder of Purple Panda Web (PPW), is dedicated towards building and improvising your online presence as a business. I have been working in the digital marketing industry for more than 7 years and have been privileged to work with a determined, talented and client-satisfaction-oriented group of people to cater a range of services to a diverse spectrum of industries.

Sukriti Nama (Co-founder)

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing well….So this is a direct message from Purplepanda’s cofounder to all the young budding talents that always follow 2 mantras in life BIY – Believe-in-yourself and DIY- Do-it-yourself as it takes lot of efforts and self-motivation to make your Passion your Profession.

The team of super talented and highly professional individuals. The way they help me, visuals of my website come out exactly the same which is extremely commendable. Starting from Domain to Design the inputs you gave were very much within my horizon.  I couldn't have found a better team to manage my website than PPW(Purple Panda Web). The timelines maintained without followups which is not usually seen in regular agencies. Keep up the same zeal and I am sure you will become a BIG PURPLE PANDA very soon
Sri Vidya
I left the job. I started a business of my own. For two months I was having a sleepless night; as there was no lead, no business;  means no flow of money. I was worried about marketing, sales promotion, branding and finding customers. Suddenly a friend of mine suggested for taking service from  PPW. Then I approached..and within a week, it was difficult for me to manage the customers. PPW came as a blessing in disguise. Now, I am happy, excited and earning more than my job... I am indebted to the great service of PPW
Kumuda Ranjan
Its an awesome experience working with Purplepanda. The best part is the Quality and uniqueness given at every point which differentiates you from your competitors. Secondly, you don't have to worry about anything as from start to end everything will be handled by them efficiently. Not only this the ideas portrayed by them are excellent and also you even get support post completion of your task which is an important factor as everyone ignores you once the work is done but it's not the case with Purplepanda. One message to all test their services for once or else you will regret for the lifetime.
July 10, 2018
There are a huge number of website designing companies and if you ever wonder which one to choose, I would suggest you to go with "Purple Panda Web". Superb service & great awareness of the market. They helped me in Website Designing and Digital Marketing Services. Quality work! The process is amazing. The way things are explained and made transparent upfront is the best thing in them.
July 15, 2018
These Guys Are Absolutely Top Notch Web Designers & Developers. “My company just launched or company cool website and our experience with Purple Panda. They took our blank domain and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive site. Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains. When we phoned them to discuss the project, we were immediately impressed with how easy they are to communicate with—just real, down to earth, believable people that don't talk over your head with tech jargon. They listened and spent ample time understanding our products and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate. They pulled off some very tricky programming feats to get the site to do what we wanted, while not losing sight of the need for superb, modern aesthetics.
Imran Khan
Ice Den Cooling
October 26, 2018
I am a real estate consultant and was looking for a meaningful online marketing as offline marketing wasn’t working. That’s when I started searching for online marketing help and discovered Purple Panda Web. They were quick in responding and patient in answering to all my questions about offline marketing. Right from my website designing I have assigned everything to PPW. It’s been almost an year with them, I must say their service is incomparable. PPW takes care of all my online activities and marketing. Marketing in social media and Google with perfect strategies just like how I expected profits to be made my business more successful. Thank you Purple Panda Web for making my  company a brand
Kavish Infra
May 18, 2019
I am extremely happy with the design of my website. It is exactly like the way I wanted. The team is always approachable and developed my ideas. My special thanks to Pragyananda for being available in add times as well to deliver his commitments  even in less time. Content and creative department needs a special mention. It is clear, crisp and engaging. Today, I get to hear ton of good words from my fellow competitors about my website. Thanks PPW. Keep up the good work
7- p connect
May 18, 2019
I have a store in Chandigarh which is about wedding accessories. I initially had no clue about online marketing as my business was going well offline but off late I happened to experience a loss of foot fall in my store as I have observed that is because lack of online visibility. One of my friends recommended me about PPW. I have called them on a monday morning and explained them about my store and my business and asked them to design a website. They started the work the same day and were on touch with me for every update. They have transformed my offline store into a informative and uniquely looking website. Every corner and every bit of the website has been excellent. The pictures and content. It has been 4 months and not once I have faced a technical issue. I also started getting subscriptions and leads from the unique and creative form they have created. Thnks PPW
Lucky Store
May 18, 2019
My name is Naveen and I have a institute where I teach corporate training, data science programs. I was looking to make my business visible online but never found time to approach a designer and write content and explain them everything about my business. I have googled for best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad and found Purple Panda Web’s website very interesting and creative. I have immediately approached them and it is very kind of them to start my work as soon as I wanted. The team is super quick and brilliant in designing. They have explained me everything they are going to include in the website with examples. They also took my suggestions and additions and completed the design in one go! There were no changes in the content or main info too. They have in fact submitted the website before the deadline and made my desire of online presence easy. All plugins and call to action buttons were placed right without any confusion. I, now started getting leads and prospects from the quick form they have prepared. Can’t thank them enough.
May 18, 2019
I am a corporate interior decorator in Hyderabad and Andhra regions. Though I am in this industry from over 15 years and worked with many clients, i noticed I wasn’t getting leads lately. That’s when I figured Digital Marketing and its value. I approached Purple Panda Web by seeing their ad in Google. They immediately responded and helped me with logo and website creation at their soonest. I have also requested to design a brochure for my company. They have given me the design in one working day which was quick and perfect for me. For someone like me who is busy and also unaware of the online marketing trends, They explained me about online marketing and how it functions with many strategies and implemented each one of them and made my business run successfully with handful number of leads and profits. All thanks to PPW. My best wishes to the team.
Sterling Projects
May 18, 2019
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